Project IOWA

Project IOWA prepares participants for the real world jobs of today's economy.

Our specialized job training combines the "hard" skill training that employers require with the "soft" skill development that is needed for participants to experience long term success as employees. This training involves significant commitments of time, dedication and skill from the participants. It works when the participants graduate with the confidence, character and technical skills to be great employees.

  • Project Iowa celebrates its graduates with Executive Director Julie Fugenschuh.
  • Senator Tom Harkin visits with Project Iowa to share his support of the program.
  • Project Iowa in the news April 24th, 2013

The purpose of Project IOWA, Inc., (Iowa Opportunities for Workforce Advancement) is to develop a long-term, community-generated and sustained initiative to train unemployed and underemployed central Iowans with skills necessary to advance to career track, high wage jobs with full benefits. Project IOWA uses a holistic approach in training and upskilling participants by braiding together what employers are seeking and addressing the needs of employees.  This braided training achieves the outcome of transforming individuals.  As participates recognize and develop hard skills they are simultaneously developing confidence and character traits that make a great employee.  Project IOWA involves a process that takes time, dedication and skill.


Project IOWA is seeking new people to join the next group of participants to learn professional trade skills, personal management skills and networking connections for your next job.


Project IOWA partners have committed to participate in developing an initiative that nurtures, promotes and trains valuable employees who seek careers in growing industries in Central Iowa. If your organization would like to partner with Project IOWA, contact 280-1502.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have posted answers to the questions we hear the most. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us directly.

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Meet with Us

Informational meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month in Des Moines. Check the 'Participate' page for more info.

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