Build trust, transform your team

We believe creating sanctuary (or psychological safety) in the workplace can lead to more employee satisfaction, honest conversations, and a strong sense of community.

When work situations are stressful or the culture feels “off,” our team steps in to create space for everyone to gather, release conflict, and work together towards a place of understanding and empowerment.

Whether you’re a small nonprofit looking to mobilize your team in a positive direction, or you manage a larger team and want to generate more productivity with more effective communication, Project Iowa’s staff can help.





Our full-day workshops will create unity and help your team get to the core culture issues, opportunities for growth and a rich understanding of how and why people operate the way they do.

Whether you’re hosting in your office or bringing your team to us, our facilitators will spend the day ensuring every single person on your team has the chance to be honest and vulnerable, which will take your team to new heights!


Project Iowa has offered our signature “Path to Purpose” program for years, which has led hundreds of individuals to create their own happiness and success. Many of us are held back by limiting beliefs and a victim mindset.

We all have the ability to change how we think. This powerful program will equip every single person on your team to take ownership of how they feel and act.