Help more individuals in our community connect with their purpose and find a meaningful, stable career. Our programs give men and women on all walks of life the skillsets and tools they need to thrive personally and professionally. 

"Because of Project Iowa's training, I am able to have control of myself mentally and emotionally. What I've learned... has helped me to stay positive and to know that I can overcome anything that comes my way." - Martell C., now working at EFCO

“The help and positive energy here is contagious.  I have recommended the program to lots of people. I was struggling with life decisions and then I came to Project Iowa.  It showed me that whoever you are, you matter and don’t ever forget that.  We are all entitled to happiness in our lives.” - Victoria M.

“My passion for people and things has changed. I’ve become more hopeful for my life, my children, my relationships and my recovery. I live by positive expectation now. I know that if my life has improved this much in five weeks “it’s only gonna get better.”  - Kassy C.

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